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Site Mistress

Officially open on 1`DEC08.

Terms & Conditions

All goods are in good condition.
Tell me if you are going to be late, I'll understand.
If you were to cancel meetup, please inform me 1-2 days earlier.
Please bring exact amount as I may not have change.
No backing out once you have confirmed your order.
Clear all doubts before ordering. (:
Please have the basic courtesy to reply my mails even if you are passing.
Email me at xiia0-g0ng-zhu@hotmail.com if you have question.

Looking for..

None at the moment.


Order Form
Victoria's Secret

Exit To

Link me before you ask me to do so. TYVM. (:

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Speak here

No trades preferred. TYVM. (:
Prices are nego.


Thank you for your feedback. (:


Spam all you want. (:

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Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 12:39 AM

Looking for Victoria Secret Body Mist or Lotion?
Can't wait for your item to reach and you have to wait for 2weeks?
Don't wanna waste money on shipping?
Fret not, now you can get them w/o paying them and get them fast.
Hurry and order, will be getting them every Saturday.

Simply email/tag me the scent you want for mist/lotion and I'll get for you.

Click here to find out your favorite scent. :D
Only Secret Garden Collection.
1 bottle- $20
2 bottles- $37
3 bottles- $52
No capping needed.
Will get them every Saturday.

Not looking for Secret Garden Collection and looking for other series?
Just let me know which series and I'll check it out for you. (:

How to order?

Step 1: Email/tag me which series and scent you want.
Step 2: Wait for me to verify and sent you an invoice.
Step 3: Make your payment before Friday. (No payment = No order)
Step 4: Arrange for meet up or postage for collection. Normal postage additional $1.50.
Step 5: Happy using your mist. :D